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Tungsten Alloy γ-ray Shield

Tungsten alloy shield is a new type of radiation shielding device for shielding radioactive materials, which can be used in the medical, industrial and nuclear fields. For the medical industry, the disease needs to be treated with the technology of radioactive particle simultaneous integrated boost that would release radiation to the surrounding environment, causing harm to human body. So tungsten alloy shield is widely used in the industry.

Tungsten alloys are outstanding materials for collimation and shielding of γ-ray and x-rays. Tungsten alloy γ-ray shield has high density, and the reduction in physical size does not affect the effectiveness of its rigid or shielding properties, so it is often used in places where space is limited or only small areas requiring absorption. Compared to traditional radiation shielding material, it can provide excellent value.

Tungsten Alloy γ-ray Shield Images

tungsten alloy γ-ray shield image  tungsten alloy γ-ray shield image 

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