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What Is Tungsten Alloy Jewelry?

In theory, as density is 19.1g/cm3, which is approximately 70% denser than lead, uranium could be used as material of making fake coin. However, tungsten alloy jewelry is weakly radioactive and not as dense as gold, but usually works as gold substitution, so it does not appear to be a practical method.

Then people have discovered that tungsten is environmental-friendly, durable and hardness, the most important is that its density of 19.25g/cm3 is just about the same density as gold (19.3g/cm3), which bears the similar specific gravity. These advantages make tungsten alloy jewelry enjoys the superiority to be the best substitute for the costly metal oftungsten alloy jewelry gold or platinum. It is necessary to tell that tungsten gold-plated would not work for several reasons but a coin with a tungsten center and gold all around tungsten alloy jewelry could not be detected as counterfeit by density measurement alone.

tungsten gold-plated paperweight

tungsten gold-plated paperweight

Tungsten Gold-plated paperweight

Tungsten Gold-plated paperweight

Applications for Tungsten Alloy Jewelry as Gold Substitution

Nowadays, Tungsten gold substitution is increasingly used in some field relevant to gold substitution or platinum substitution, such as: tungsten alloy jewelry, e.g.Tungsten Gold-plated ring, Tungsten Gold-plated ear ring,Tungsten Gold-plated necklace, Tungsten Gold-plated wrist chain, etc. Also, Tungsten gold substitution is widely adopted in making souvenir coins, such as memorial crown and other application such as tungsten gold substitution watch band.

Since tungsten alloy jewelry bears a special property of longevity and high durability, when tungsten alloyis utilized to make jewelry, tungsten alloy jewelry always implicate the love between lovers or couple could be everlasting. Its hardness makes it ideal for rings that will resist scratching, are hypoallergenic, and tungsten alloy jewelry will not need polishing. tungsten alloy jewelry is especially useful in designs with a brushed finish.

Some Other Applications for Gold-plated Tungsten Alloy

Due to the high density almost the same as real gold, rust resistance with a cheaper price as the real gold, besides tungsten alloy golden jewelry, gold-plated tungsten alloy could also be plated with 18K,24K gold or platinum, and could be made as gold-plated tungsten alloy bar, golden tungsten brick, gold-plated tungsten rod, tungsten scan gold coin, fake golden bullion, golden eggs, etc. If you are in an international enterprise, a broker in stock, manager in a big insurance company, you can use our tungsten gold–plated bars engraved with your company's name as souvenirs or present to your VIP customers. It is a very decent present without costing too much, and also could attract more customers for your business. If there is a couple in their anniversary, they could take golden bullion or gold-plated tungsten bar as souvenir, and even we could offered lasing engraved or stamped service to have your lover's name or specials on the surface for your memory. If there is a champion team, golden tungsten alloy brick could be offered as souvenir.

Also tungsten gold-plated bars are the best choice if you are a gold dealer and attend some trade fair or put your gold products in the showcase. In case your real gold being stolen, you can choose tungsten gold-plated bars to reduce any possible loss.

Meanwhile, tungsten alloy products could also made as gold substitution tungsten wire which posses a better electric conductivity, and contribute greatly to the world industry development. Also it saves the energy and poses no pollution threat to the environment and thus to achieve a sustainable development.

How to distinguish gold-plated from real gold?

Generally speaking, gold-plated tungsten alloy is plated in different thickness based on different function or using environment, and also we could offer different thickness depend on requirement from clients. Chinatungsten offer gold-plated tungsten alloy as real gold substitution just working as souvenir and ornamental, and never use that for any illegal purpose.

If you would like to distinguish gold-plated from real gold, here is a vey easy way: as we know, tungsten gold-plated product is just covered with a thin coat of gold. You can make some distilled water, take the one you would to test sharpening, and then put it into the distilled water, out of the distilled water for a while. If it is not gold-plated tungsten material, it will not change color. We think it is better for client to know how to distinguish gold-plated from the real gold first, then it will have a well knowledge about tungsten gold-plated material.

Chinatungsten Offer Tungsten Alloy Jewelry as Gold Substitution

We are well accustomed to exploit more innovative applications of tungsten alloy jewelry products. Tungsten gold-plated is one of our main products.

In details, pure tungsten, in the forms of round Tungsten Gold-plated disc,Tungsten Gold-plated plate, Tungsten Gold-plated sheet,Tungsten Gold-plated ring, and etc., Tungsten Gold-plated products can be perfectly coated with gold layer with clinquant shine, to replace gold or platinum merchandise except its currency function. Tungsten gold-plated becomes more and more popular.

Gold plated Tungsten

Tungsten Alloy Coin

Tungsten Ring

Tungsten Gold-plated Box
Tungsten Gold-plated Coin
Tungsten Alloy Jewelry
Gold plated Tungsten Bar tungsten gold-plated ring gold-plated tungsten wrist chain
Tungsten Gold-plated Coins
Tungsten Gold-Plated Ring
Tungsten Gold-plated Wrist Chain

Notice: Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu.&Sales Corp. is a very professional and serious company, specializing in manufacturing and selling tungsten tungsten alloy jewelry related products for more than two decades. Our gold-plated tungsten alloy jewelry are only for souvenir and decoration purpose. We can provide different kinds of tungsten alloy jewelry according to your requirements. Here we declare: Please do not use our tungsten gold-plated or tungsten alloy jewelry products for illegal purpose.

If you are interest in tungsten alloy jewelry, please feel free to contact us. Any questions or enquiries about tungsten alloy jewelry will be welcomed by email to sales@xiamentungsten.comor telephon at :86 592 5129696.

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