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Tungsten Alloy Gold Nugget

What Is Tungsten Alloy Gold Nugget?

Tungsten alloy is a suitable material for gold substitution as its high density which could be almost 18.7 g/cm3, and it is so much close to the density of the real gold as 19.3g/cm3. Therefore, tungsten alloy is usually used for tungsten alloy gold nugget manufacture. Tungsten alloy gold nugget has the advantage of environmental-friendly, high density almost the same as the real gold, much cheaper than the real gold, and will be much safer for display. Therefore, it is the best alternative of the expensive metal gold or platinum.

The Application of Tungsten Alloy Gold Nugget

Tungsten alloy gold nugget is also called tungsten heavy alloy gold nugget. As the real gold is rare and expensive, tungsten alloy gold nugget should be an excellent alterative to the real gold. For the cost, it should be much cheaper, and it is more popular for friends or companies used as a gift or present to their important clients or vital friends, such as for birthday party, companies' anniversary, company celebration activity, friend get-together, etc. Also it is safe for the exhibition or display, maybe the gold business need some bars to be shown in their shop, it will be much convenient and safer for using tungsten alloy gold nugget instead of the real gold bar. The most important factor is also of its wearing resistance.

Chinatungsten Could Offer Tungsten Alloy Gold Nugget

Chinatungsten could offer tungsten alloy gold nugget, which is one of the main product. Chinatungsten could also offer with the engraved tungsten alloy gold nuggets as per clients' requirement. Besides, if you have your own design for tungsten alloy gold nugget, please feel free to contact.

Notice: Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu.&Sales Corp. is a very professional and serious company, specializing in manufacturing and selling gold-plated nugget and tungsten related products for more than two decades. Our gold-plated nugget is only for souvenir and decoration purpose. We can provide all kinds of gold-plated nugget as your requirements. Here we declare: Please do not use our gold-plated nugget products for any illegal purpose. Gold-plated nugget products offered by us are qualified.

Therefore, if you are interest in tungsten alloy gold nugget or golden nugget, please feel free to contact, or telephone 86 592 512 9696.

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