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Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu. & Sales Corp. (Chinatungsten Online) was founded in 1997 on the basis of China's first tungsten products website ( as China's first tungsten and molybdenum products e-commerce company. Chinatungsten Online provides a comprehensive solution based on product information and technical data for product customization, design, and manufacturing.

China Tungsten Industry ( and China Tungsten Intelligence Association ( are the top global index websites in the tungsten product industry; as the website of China Tungsten Association ( construction and operator, Chinatungsten Online has been committed to the new product market, R&D and production and business integration services of tungsten products. As of 2021, it has provided more than 1 million pieces of information for the industry. Chinatungsten Online has become the most well-known Chinese and English authoritative information source for global tungsten product industry news, market prices and tungsten product technical information.

Chinatungsten Online obtained import and export operation rights in 2004, passed ISO9001 certification in 2005, established Chinatungsten Alloy (Putian) Co., Ltd. (Chinatungsten Alloy) in 2007, passed the telecom value-added business qualification in 2009, and obtained dual-use product export right in 2012. Chinatungsten Online has provided more than 100,000 different types of tungsten and molybdenum metal and alloy products to more than 10,000 customers around the world.

High-end customization of tungsten products based on professional, authoritative and comprehensive tungsten industry information is the characteristic of Chinatungsten Online and the foundation of its survival and development. For many years, Chinatungsten Online has adhered to the field of tungsten industry and the path of specialization, customization and intelligence; it has cultivated a technical and sales team with tungsten and molybdenum product design, processing and professional sales services; based on its own design and production capabilities, joint with excellent design and equipment capacity in the industry, Chinatungsten Online has become a unique and well-known enterprise. It will base itself on the tungsten industry, expand product breadth and service depth, and strive to make breakthroughs in the field of customized intelligent manufacturing of tungsten and molybdenum products.

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