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Tungsten Alloy X-ray Target & Tungsten Alloy Collimator

Tungsten Alloy X-ray Target

Tungsten alloy X-ray target can be subjected to higher loadings than stationary anodes. By rotation of dish-shaped X-ray targets under the electron beam, a new, already cooled part of the target surface is continually used as the focal spot. Moreover, tungsten alloy X-ray target cools down more rapidly by radiating its heat. Far more energy per unit time can therefore be supplied to a tube with an X-ray target in comparison with a stationary anode.

X-ray targetChinatungsten Online can supply the whole range of Mo alloys and tungsten X-ray targets. Tungsten alloy X-ray targets that are optimally suitable for individual customer requirements, such as mammography Mo X-ray targets and tungsten X-ray targets, which are used from the general medical diagnostic and amigo- cardiograph to computer tomography.

In the past two decades, Chinatungsten has been developing components for the latest generation of high performance medical devices in close cooperation with the leading medical instruments suppliers.

For diagnosis, Chinatungsten supplys tungsten alloy X-ray target and stationary anodes for diverse X-ray applications. Tungsten alloy X-ray target can withstand extreme thermal stress in temperatures of over 2,000℃. All tungsten products are superior quality and durable, guaranteeing longer life.

Electromagnetic blasting is created by the slowing fast electrons down on the anode. 1% of the affected energy is transformed into tungsten alloy X-ray blasting and 99% into heat. Because of that, components within the X-ray should have high thermal resistance and applied material should possess a highest possible melting point, heat sink capacity, good heat conductivity and a smallest possible vapor pressure.

Chinatungsten produces tungsten alloy X-ray target components, made of high performance materials (molybdenum, tungsten, WRe alloys), for the assembly of tungsten alloy target technology, which are used worldwide for picture giving systems.

Tungsten Alloy X-ray Target from Chinatungsten

X-ray target collimator

X-ray target

Fastening elements for X-ray targets
Stationary anodes
Cathode components
Detector components

Tungsten Alloy Collimator

Tungsten alloy collimator is a device that narrows a beam of particles or waves. It belongs to input and output element of optical fiber communicaiton devices. Tungsten alloy collimator can be adopted as linear accelerator and cyclotron in medical treatment. It has a simple structure, through which the fiber radiate light can be converted into parallel light (gaussian beam). So its main fuction is to efficiently maximize the light coupling into the device.

Radiotherapy destroys cancer by directing beams of radiation directly onto the tumor. The beams of radiation require a very fine focus to avoid harming the surrounding healthy tissue. This focus is achieved by using a multi-leaf tungsten alloy collimator, consisting of two rows of very thin tungsten heavy alloy plates, which can be configured to match the dimensions of the tumor exactly.

Tungsten alloy collimator and tungsten alloy X-ray target are made of groundbreaking tungsten alloy X-ray targets components in the medical industry. Tungsten alloy collimator contributes significantly to successful radiotherapy through their high density and high shielding capability against X-rays and gamma rays.

The Classification of Tungsten Radiation Collimators:
There two kinds of tungsten collimators, tungsten panoramic collimators and tungsten directional collimators. Collimators contain and direct the beam of radiation during exposure. This results in improved radiograph quality and safer operating conditions. Tungsten panoramic collimators consist of a stainless steel housing containing two tungsten inserts. The panoramic collimator is constructed with two shields designed to provide a 30 degree panoramic radiation beam. Tungsten directional collimators direct the radiation beam from a side port as a 60° conical side throw. Tungsten alloy shielding for the directional collimator is designed to provide a 50 degree radiation beam and is encased with stainless steel and totally sealed by argon arc welding. The shields are encased with stainless steel and totally sealed by argon arc welding. A wide range of collimators have been developed to meet the variety of applications and techniques used.

Tungsten Radiation Collimator Tungsten Radiation Collimator
Advantages of tungsten alloy collimator:
1. One of the most effective devices for reducing the radiation levels on a job site;
2. Increasing the quality of radiography shots by reducing the scattering radiation around the film;
3. Providing a safer operating conditions for radiographers;
4. Tungsten alloy material is a more effective shielding material than lead. It is an easy handle, non-licensed and very effective shielding material;
5. Do not spark, it is a ideal material for plant operations.

Multi leaf collimator-1Multi leaf collimator-2Multi leaf collimator-3Stationary anodes

If you have any enquiry about tungsten alloy X-ray target and tungsten alloy collimator, please feel free to contact Chinatungsten by email: or call by: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595.

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