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Tungsten Alloy X-ray Defectoscope

Tungsten alloy X-ray defectoscope is a nondestructive flaw detection method that uses X-ray penetrating material and attenuation characteristics in the material. Traditionally, it is divided into two types according to structure: portable tungsten alloy X-ray defectoscope and mobile tungsten alloy X-ray defectoscope. The defectoscope is composed of a control console, an X-ray generator and a low-pressure connection cable.

Defectoscopes may be designed as portable and laboratory instruments or as stationary installations. Portable defectoscopes usually incorporate a very simple flaw-detection indicator (an instrument with a pointer or an optical or acoustical signaling device). Laboratory defectoscopes are more sensitive and are often equipped with an oscilloscope or digital indicators. In stationary defectoscopes, which are the most versatile, provision is usually made for automatic recording of the readings and for an objective evaluation of the recorded data. Some defectoscopes make possible the inspection of articles moving at considerable speeds, or the defectoscope itself can move at a great speed in relation to the article. Defectoscopes designed for quality control of articles heated to a high temperature also exist.

Tungsten Alloy X-ray Defectoscope Images

tungsten alloy X-ray defectoscope image   tungsten alloy X-ray defectoscope image  

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