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Tungsten X-ray Protection Apron

Tungsten X-ray Protection Apron From Tungsten Powder Used in Medical Fields

To protect our health from the radiation, tungsten X-ray protection apron becomes more and more popular in medical areas. With the development of our daily life, more and more machines are used by people both in medical and other industries which brought much more radiation for us than ever, such as X-ray radiation, gamma radiation (energetic electromagnetic radiation), radiation of alpha particles (helium atoms) beta particles (electrons) and cosmic radiation, etc. they are very harmful to our body, there also comes a lot of shielding made by tungsten heavy alloy such as tungsten X-ray protection apron from tungsten powder, which is very popular in medical especially when the patient makes a panorama X-ray.

Tungsten powder can provide the same degree of protection as lead whilst significantly reducing the overall volume and thickness of shields and containers. Besides, compared with lead or depleted uranium in the past, tungsten powder is more acceptable in this case, for they are non-toxic. That's why tungsten powder is very popular as the material to make shielding.

Tungsten X-ray protection apron made from tungsten powder equally protects against radiation, as tungsten powder is high density with small volume, good corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

There are wolfram anodes making from tungsten powder in the X-ray machine but the patients also have to wear a tungsten X-ray protection apron made from tungsten powder when they are making panorama X-ray of teeth or other parts on the body, due to the environmental reasons this apron is made of tungsten powder dispersed. Tungsten anodes made from tungsten powder are used in the X-ray machine; modern aprons are filled with tungsten powder, calcium tungsten powder is still used as fluorescent material in X-ray films. Tungsten powder product becomes more and more popular because of its good properties.

Tungsten alloy shielding made from tungsten powder is also used in applications such as collimator, nuclear shielding, beam stop, vial shield, isotope container, PET syringe shield, multi leaf collimator, FDG container, etc. Chinatungsten can provide several of tungsten powder products as your requirements.

Tungsten Powder for Tungsten X-Ray Protection Apron

tungsten-powder Tungsten Apron tungsten X-ray protection apron
Tungsten Powder Tungsten Apron tungsten X-ray Protection Apron

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