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Tungsten Alloy muti-Leave Collimators

The leave of the collimators are made of tungsten alloy material which has much smaller damage than the lead material leaves.

MLC system MLC (Multi-leave collimators) primary role is to replace irregular handmade lead shield.Collimators (beam limiting devices) are used in linear accelerators used for radiotherapy treatments. They help to shape the beam of radiation emerging from the machine and can limit the maximum field size of a beam.The leaves of the collimators are made of tungsten alloy material which has much smaller damage than the lead material leaves.A collimators is composed of 120 tungsten alloy leaves.

Based on the tungsten alloy shielding effect of radioactive substances,tungsten-alloy-muti-leave-collimators is widely used in medical radiation technology .Tungsten alloy is high density material.The study show that the high density metal would have shielding effect on the radioactive substance.Throughout the development of metal industry,the rare earth metal have a higher density than the tungsten alloy, however,the content of the rare earth metal is less, and it is difficult in mining.With the continuous improvement of powder metallurgy technology, tungsten alloy production is not the problem. Besides, tungsten alloy its special economic advantage, geographical advantage, the performance advantages and widely used in various industries. MLC system is only one aspect of tungsten alloy using the medical industry.

Tungsten alloy is the best material opaque to the incoming radiation with many tiny holes bored through it or in the case of neutrons it can be a sandwich arrangement (which can be up to several feet long - see ENGIN-X) with many layers alternating between neutron absorbing material (e.g. Gadolinium) with neutron transmitting material. This can be something simple e.g. air. or if mechanical strength is needed then aluminium may be used. If this forms part of a rotating assembly, the sandwich may be curved. This allows energy selection in addition to collimation - the curvature of the collimator and its rotation will present a straight path only to one energy of neutrons. Only rays that are travelling nearly parallel to the holes will pass through them—any others will be absorbed by hitting the tungsten alloy collimators leaves surface or the side of a hole. This ensures that rays are recorded in their proper place on the tungsten alloy collimators leaves, producing a clear image.

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