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Tungsten Alloy X-ray Shield

Tungsten alloy X-ray shield is an excellent shielding material and is made of tungsten alloy, which has good radiation shielding ability. X-rays are used in medical diagnosis and treatment, but damage to the human body is widespread and hard to predict. Therefore, tungsten alloy X-ray shield can effectively shield X-ray and protect workers and patients.

The density of tungsten alloy material is large, up to 16.5 ~19.0g/cm3, which has a good shielding effect on radioactive materials. Only 3mm thick can prevent 150keV of radioactive rays and attenuate 90% of the thickness. Compared with other shielding materials, tungsten alloy shows more environmental advantages. It is non-toxic and will not produce radioactive materials. Its waste parts can be recycled and processed without pollution.

Chinatungsten Online is professional manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum products for more than two decades. Our flexible shielding production facility with state-of-the-art equipment allows us to custom produce the exact shape and size shield for your needs. Our production economies of scale mean a lower total cost to you versus other suppliers.

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