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Tungsten Neutron Capture Reaction Shielding

What is Tungsten Neutron Capture Reaction Shielding?

Neutron capture is a nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus and one or more neutrons collide and merge to form a heavier nucleus. Since neutrons have no electric charge they can enter a nucleus more easily than positively charged protons, which are repelled electrostatically.

Neutron capture plays an important role in the cosmic nucleosynthesis of heavy elements. In stars it can proceed in two ways: as a rapid (r-process) or a slow process (s-process). Nuclei of masses greater than 56 cannot be formed by thermonuclear reactions (i.e. by nuclear fusion), but can be formed by neutron capture. Tungsten neutron capture reaction shielding can be used during neutron capture reaction process to protect staffs safety, and protect the environment.

The Applications of Tungsten Neutron Capture Reaction Shielding

Due to its high density, excellent absorption behavior against radiation and environmental friendly characteristics, tungsten can be used to produce tungsten neutron capture reaction shielding.

Neutrons are nuclear capture compound nucleus is formed, and then by releasing one or more gamma ray photons back stress reactions, denoted (n, γ).Release the total gamma-ray energy is equal to the excitation energy of compound nucleus. In addition, the (n, γ) reaction is the production of nuclear fuel, transuranic elements and other important reactions. For example by reaction (for antineutrinos) can generate nuclear fuel plutonium Pu. Therefore, tungsten shielding radiation protection device can be used as nuclear fuel and equipment, used in nuclear fuel research and production fields.

The Advantages of Tungsten Neutron Capture Reaction Shielding

Tungsten, which is a hard and rare metal and often exists in the form of chemical compound, serves as an efficient lead replacement material. Tungsten has high density and hardness, in fact almost 60 percent higher than lead, which are desirable characteristics for radiation shielding applications. They can be used to mitigate X-ray and gamma rays. Other benefits of tungsten-based materials include their high temperature resistance and environmental friendly.

During design of shielding, tungsten alloy radiation shielding is calculated according to requirements of shield to abate the multiple shielding materials' thickness.
Formula: K=e0.693 d / △1/2
K: Shield weakened multiple
△ 1/2: The tungsten alloy radiation shielding material of the half-value layer values

tungsten neutron capture reaction shielding tungsten neutron capture reaction shielding tungsten neutron capture reaction shielding

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