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Tungsten Alloy Flange

Tungsten alloy flange is also called W flange or flange disc. The flange has external ridges with circular holes so screws can provide extra safety and strength. It is used for connection between two pipes and for connecting the pipe end between the flanges. Tungsten flange is also used for the inlet and outlet of equipment, for the connection of two devices. Made of tungsten alloys, the product would protect doctors or patients from radiation and reduce the risk of cancer.

The lead is widely used in medical facilities, but it has proven to be toxic for patients. The fact that tungsten is a non-toxic metal makes it ideal for hospitals and medical facilities. It won’t endanger the patients’ health, and it will keep them protected from harmful gamma rays, which are number one cause of cancer. But not only medicine has the use for tungsten, but also auto and aero industry, as well as heavy industry, use tungsten in their production.

Tungsten Alloy Flange Images

tungsten alloy flange image  tungsten alloy flange image 

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