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Tungsten Alloy Shielding Sheet

Tungsten Alloy Shielding Sheet

Tungsten alloy shielding sheet has been used to shield against radiation. By contrast, the recently developed shielding sheet made with thermoplastic lassoers is a light weight and very flexible shielding material. Tungsten alloy shielding sheet is expected to have a wide range of uses, such as to reduce radiation from entering rooms, and as covers for contaminated waste kept in temporary storage sites during decontamination.

Tungsten alloy shielding sheet was developed through collaboration, which has expertise in radiation gained from research on applications for the high-density elite containing fiber and Nihon Matai research laboratories, which have been developing packaging for heavy materials and various resin processing technologies over a number of years. A patent application has been filed based on repeated demonstration tests conducted in areas where there are still high levels of radiation in the air.

“General Packaging Industry,” accumulated over many years in packaging, to make a contribution to society in the area of radiation countermeasures.

Tungsten Alloy Shielding Sheet Features

tungsten alloy shielding sheetPrevious radiation shielding products have been made mainly from sheets of metal such as lead, making them heavy and hard to handle, and there have been concerns about their effects on the human body. By contrast, this product is comprised of soft thermoplastic lassoers integrated with an inorganic substance that shields against radiation. Outstanding features are its flexibility and ease of handling.
The raw materials used in tungsten alloy have been proven to be safe and have no effect on the human body. Tungsten alloy is a high-polymer material that possesses the properties of both plastic and rubber.

Tungsten Alloy Shielding Sheet Specifications

Thickness: 1mm–2mm; width: 500mm–2,000mm
Tungsten alloy shielding sheet can be cut to the required size to suit the purpose of use.
The radiation shielding rate can be increased by piling the sheets.

Tungsten Alloy Shielding Sheet Application

• Building materials for floors, walls, etc.
• Curtains, carpets and other fittings for living spaces
•Covers for temporary storage sites and other locations during decontamination.
• Cover sheets for removed vegetation and gutters Examples of usage: As cover sheets for contaminated soil and other materials accumulated in Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers and large sandbags and as cover sheets for storage boxes during household decontamination.

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