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Tungsten Alloy Shielding Container

The common radioactive substances in medicine are divided into two categories, one is radioactive drugs, and the other is radionuclides. Radioactive drugs refer to a special class of drugs containing radionuclides for medical diagnosis and treatment, compounds or biological preparations containing radionuclides for medical diagnosis or treatment in the body, such as 32P, 89Sr, 90Y, etc. Radionuclides can radiate X-rays, γ-rays, and β-rays. X-rays are only used to treat superficial tumors, and γ-rays are mainly radiated from radiotherapy. Tungsten alloy shielding container is used as a container for radioactive drugs or radionuclides in the medical industry.

For tungsten alloy materials, they have good radiation shielding and can overcome possible drawbacks of tungsten filled polymers with respect to aging and degradation under X-ray radiation. Sheets up to 4mm thickness and foils down to below 100µm can be produced in tight tolerances. The isotropic microstructure allows the forming of structural parts by roll bending and deep-drawing technologies.

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tungsten alloy shielding container image  tungsten alloy shielding container image 

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