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Tungsten Flange Disc

Tungsten flange disc, also called tungsten flange or flange, is used in the medical industry for radiotherapy safety protection devices. With a high proportion and excellent shielding performance of tungsten alloy, it is widely used in medical radiation shielding and daily protection of radiation, which can protect patients, doctors, nurses and others from radiation hazards.

The key features of tungsten alloy radiation shielding: the shield is capable for radiation exposure that could be reduced by maxing shielding; having higher density therefore it has better stopping power and shielding capability; equal amounts of tungsten alloy radiation shield provides reduced risks rather than equivalent lead shielding; having radiographic density that is 60 % more denser than lead; having high level of machineability and this is good corrosion resistance; importantly reducing thickness of containers and shields.

Tungsten Flange Disc Images

tungsten flange disc image  tungsten flange disc image 

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