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Tungsten Alloy Multi-leaf Collimator

Why Need Tungsten Alloy Multi-leaf Collimator?

When people in the tumor or cancer treatment, more and more hospital commonly uses CT simulation system for image acquisition and patient respiratory motion analysis, and then radiation therapy is required. Tungsten alloy multi-leaf collimator is usually used for protect patient from unnecessary radiation.

As we know, tungsten heavy alloy could provide the same energy absorption as lead using 1/3 less material, besides, it is environmental friendly, high density from 17.0 g/cm3 to 18.6 g/cm3 make tungsten alloy multi-leaf collimator an excellent ability for radiation absorption, as it is dense enough to absorb radiation from the radiation therapy machine, so as to make patient safe.

How is Tungsten Alloy Multi-leaf Collimator Radiation Ability?

Compared to traditional radiation shielding materials such as lead and boron carbide, tungsten alloy provides excellent density with small capacity. With the same weight, high-density alloy can provide the same energy absorption as thinner than other materials, tungsten alloy is a favorable material for somewhere needs great radiation absorption but allow only very small space .
Chinatungsten Online could not only offer tungsten alloy collimator based on the international standard, but also could design and make tungsten alloy collimator as per clients’ requirement. Usually, radiation ability could be calculated basing on the following formula:

Formula: K= e0.693 d / △1/2
K: Shield weakened multiple
△ 1/2: The shielding material of the half-value layer values
d: Shielding thickness, with the half-value layer thickness of their units, people need to half-value layer thickness of the quality of translation into the thickness of the material, divided by the density of the material can be obtained.

How Tungsten Alloy Multi-leaf Collimator to Make Radiation Protection

According to the lesion target period of the motion, in the allowed setting range of motion, radiation ray beam from treatment machine triggers automatically, out and off, so as to control the movement of the couch, then it is followed with the movement of tumor (target), in this way, to make a real-time dynamic precise radiotherapy. This method is applicable for the treatment with the movement caused by respiratory motion in a larger degree of lung, liver, breast, etc. The whole process for treatment of cancer or tumors, such as chest, abdomen, is an infrared tracking the motion waveform of the surface reflection markers, through surface infrared reflective markers , using fluoroscopic image, so as to do the verified or treatment of disease, this would produces a certain radiation of the radioactive material. If there is no high performance material of radiation shielding as tungsten alloy collimator the treatment device, then other parts of the patient is almost to be simultaneously exposed to radiation damage. It will be very terrible. Therefore, when the radiation source movement, then tungsten alloy multi-leaf collimator could absorb radiation to protect the patient.

Chinatungsten can offer tungsten alloy multi-leaf collimator, if you have any enquiry or question, please feel free to contact, or by telephone 86 592 512 9696. We will deliver quality products and quality service.


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