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Tungsten Storage Container

Tungsten Alloy Storage Container

Chinatungsten manufactures a comprehensive line of custom designed tungsten alloy storage container designed to your exact requirements. Chinatungsten has worked seamlessly with end users including hospitals, laboratories, medical facilities, and Nuclear plants ensuring that a final design is functional and fits within its surroundings and radiation code requirements. We design and manufacture both standard and custom one-off designs. We employ a fully qualified design team to help with every step of the process, from the moment your order is entered until it arrives at your doorstep.

Application of Tungsten Storage Container

Storing and transporting radioactive materials

Vial pigs for PET or other high energy radionuclides

Unit dose pigs for radiopharmaceuticals

Nuclear Densometer storage

Feature and Benefit of Tungsten Storage Container

Manufactured from tungsten alloy.

Free of lead All hardware from heavy-duty hinges, to locks are of the highest quality.

All Storage Containers are ground smooth from sharp corners or edges.

Extreme care is taken in the surface preparation to all surfaces for the supply and application of a finish coat of paint to the desired colour.

All Storage Containers are available with your choice in tungsten alloy shielding from 1/32″ to 2″ thick or more.

All Storage Containers come equipped with a hinged lockable lid or removable lids.

Our Storage Containers combine effective radiation protection and durability in a rugged, attractive and versatile line.

Tungsten Storage ContainerTungsten Storage Container


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