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Tungsten Alloy Military Fittings

Why Tungsten Heavy Alloy Is Adopted in Military Defense?

Nowadays, tungsten alloy is increasingly adopted as the raw material for military defens, and works as tungsten alloy military fitting, such as bullet, armor and shells, shrapnel head, grenade, bulletproof vehicles, tanks panzers, cannons, firearms, etc. A major tungsten alloy military fitting is in kinetic energy penetrators, where military defenses are in direct competition with depleted uranium (DU). Recent investigations conducted at the Army Research Laboratory show that DU's superior properties resulted from its ability to localize shear during ballistic penetration events. Therefore, military defense was argued that if localized shear can be imparted to tungsten alloy, these material would exhibit penetration performance matching that of depleted uranium (which had become an environmental problem).

Tungsten alloy for military defense

You can image the subject envisions a penetrator, dropped from service height of a bomber aircraft, using kinetic energy to penetrate the shielding, and subsequently deliver a nuclear explosive to the buried target.

The problem with such a penetrator is the tremendous heat applied to the penetrator unit when striking the military defense shielding (surface) at hundreds of meters per second. Military defense has partially been solved by using metals such as tungsten (with a much higher melting point than steel), and altering the shape of the projectile (such as an olive). (You can get more information from

During the World War Ⅱ, tungsten has already been used as an important raw material for military defense. There were abundant wolfram ore reserves found then in Portugal, which were used to produce tungsten concentrates for military defense.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy for Military Defense and Applications

In order to reduce the adoption of environmental hazardous materials in the military defense field, tungsten alloy military fitting is used as a non-toxic alternative for lead and depleted uranium in bullet and shot. High-density metals such as tungsten alloy military fitting is now widely employed; the goal of military defense is to create functional, high density, non-toxic arms projectiles with controlled impact behavior. The special properties of tungsten alloy make it almost ideal material for military defense applications.

Owing to its great hardness and resistance to high temperature, usage of tungsten alloy military fitting has been steadily increasing since the 1940's.


Tungsten alloy military fitting applications:

*Tungsten alloy bullet

*Shrapnel head

*Balanced ball for missile and plane

*Core for armor-piercing bullet measurement

*Kinetic energy penetrators

*Armor and shells


*Rocket components

Tungsten Alloy Penetrator

Tungsten Alloy PenetratorTungsten Alloy Penetrator

Tungsten Alloy Penetrator

Tungsten Alloy PenetratorTungsten Alloy Penetrator

Target fragments and EFP residues

We can offer the tungsten heavy alloy rod, ball, cube, cylinder, block, etc. for military defense usage, such as bomblet, armor-piercing bullet, etc. We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with our customers in the design of individual specifications. Our mission is to meet individual customer requirements. Flexibility is our strength and we pride ourselves on being able to find the right solution to customer's needs.

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Following pictures of tungsten alloy military fittings offered by CTOMS

    Tungsten Alloy Cubes

Tungsten Alloy Cube

Tungsten Alloy Cube

Tungsten Alloy Cube





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