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Military Tungsten Rod

Military tungsten rod is a new kind of space-based weapon with high reaction speed and high precision. Under the guidance of satellites, it can strike quickly and precisely at any time against high-value strategic targets anywhere on earth, using the tremendous kinetic energy generated by small rocket boosters and free fall.

Launched from space, tungsten rod can easily destroy large buildings and underground bunkers hundreds of meters deep. It is an "assassin's mace" against strategic targets. Its main targets are hostile facilities, such as fortified ballistic missile warehouses built in the desert, space bases or satellite facilities.

Military tungsten rod has changed a new concept on target attacking way, no longer using conventional ammunition to destroy targets. From dozens of kilometers, hundreds of kilometers of height, with extremely high speed putting out a wand, enough to make a destroyer, an aircraft carrier sunk, take this way, let alone a car, a plane. So it can play a role in high precision, very fast speed.

Military Tungsten Rod Images

military tungsten rod image  military tungsten rod image  military tungsten rod image 

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