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Tungsten Alloy Hand Grenade

Tungsten Alloy Hand Grenade

With the development of economic and military industry, tungsten heavy alloy is increasingly adopted as the raw material for military defense products in recent years, because people find tungsten alloy has so many good advantages in military areas: high density, high melting point, high corrosion resistance and low vapor pressure, so nowadays military weapons is widely uses tungsten alloy as materials: tungsten alloy hand grenade, tungsten alloy bullet, tungsten alloy armor and shells, tungsten alloy rockets components, etc.

Hand grenade is made up of three parts: filler, body and fuze assembly.
Filler: the filler is composed of a chemical or explosive substance, which determines the type of it for employment factors. All fillers in they are mixed with silica aerogel for increased dissemination efficiency.
Body: the body of tungsten alloy grenade contains filler and fragmentation. The body of hand grenade contains a primer, first fire mixture, pyrotechnic delay column, and ignition mixture. Assembled to the body are a striker, striker spring, safety lever, and safety pin with pull ring. The split end of the safety pin has an angular spread.
Fuze assembly: fuze assembly in hand grenade causes the hand grenade to ignite or explode by detonating the filler.

Speciation of Tungsten Alloy Hand Grenade:

Diameter: 53mm
Length: 104 mm
Weight: 130g
Throwing Distance: 30 ~ 50 m
Exclusive Feature: hand grenade is the safe and environmentally friendly weapon so that it is widely used in army.

The most important point is tungsten alloy is friendly to the environment, instead of lead and depleted uranium tungsten alloy is the best material to make into hand grenade. When using it, the environment and our body can not be harmed by it. We have more than 20 years of producing tungsten alloy products experience, all kinds of high quality hand grenade and other tungsten alloy products can be offered by us.

Tungsten Alloy Hand Grenade Pictures:

tungsten alloy hand grenades tungsten alloy hand grenade hand grenade hand grenades
hand grenades
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