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Tungsten Alloy Gunshot Bullet Core

Gunshot bullet refers to the bullet used specifically for hunting firearms, which is designed for hunters. Unlike gun bullets, it forms an area of target coverage after firing and effectively hunts wild animals. Traditionally, the bullet cores use 2mm to 8mm diameter of steel balls or lead balls, fewer are tungsten heavy alloy balls.

It is well known that the density of steel ball is small, so gunshot bullet would occur drifts after a certain distance. The density and hardness of lead balls seem to be more suitable, but the lead is toxic and not environmentally friendly, which is also a kind of injury to the health of tworkers in the manufacturer; and people who eat preys that are shot with lead balls may cause poisoning. But for tungsten alloy gunshot bullet core, it has high density and hardness, which is enable shotgun bullets to achieve an ideal range. More important, tungsten is harmless to the environment and human body.

A shotgun is a kind of gun that can be fired at shoulder. It belongs to dangerous goods and is generally controlled by the state. When tungsten alloy bullet is shot from the barrel, it breaks up into small balls. The power of gunpowder is applied to each ball, which carries very little energy. In hunting activities, shotgun bullet is mainly used to kill some small animals.

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