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Tungsten Alloy Terminal Sensitivity Projectile

What is Tungsten Alloy Terminal sensitivity projectile

Tungsten alloy terminal-sensitive projectile is a kind of cluster bomb which contains a large number of smaller bombs and is very disruptive. It can be launched by cannons, long-range rockets or aircraft, and can automatically detect and recognize the targets and make accurate attacks, though it cannot continuously track the targets.

Tungsten alloy terminal sensitivity projectile is a kind of special cluster bomb projected by an aircraft or artillery. It has no guidance system, so it cannot automatically track the target as missiles guided by visible light, infrared light or millimeter wave. But, as anti-armor ammunition, it has the advantages of long attack distance, higher hit rate than conventional artillery shells and lower cost than missile. Therefore, it has broad application prospects in the fight against armored targets.

Tungsten alloy terminal-sensitive projectile is one kind of sensing instrument initiation cluster ammunition. With the increasing of the operational range, the damage efficiency of terminal-sensitive projectile was enhanced accordingly, but when the distance exceeds a certain range, it drops appreciably. The results can provide some helpful references for the overall design, and the system engineering method should be adapted to the index distribution, that will save the development period and budget.

tungsten alloy terminal sensitivity projectile tungsten alloy terminal sensitivity projectile

Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod for Terminal Sensitivity Projectile

Terminal-sensitive projectile is also called sensor-detonated projectile. The intelligent shell can detect the targets and turn the warhead toward them when it explodes.

Tungsten alloy swaging rod can be used in the Terminal Sensitivity Projectile, as it has the advantages as belows:
Extensively used in defense
Used high grade of technology to manufacture
Sophisticated tungsten used as a raw material
Corrosion resistance
High temperature resistance
Excellent ductility
Ultimate tensile strength

Swaging greatly increases tungsten alloy rod's ultimate tensile strength. The ultimate tensile strength of regular tungsten alloy rod is 1050 MPa . However, after swaging, the ultimate tensile strength can reach 1250 MPa min, we can even control tungsten alloy military swaging rod at 1450 MPa.

Main Processing of Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod: 1). Mixing 2). Pressing 3). Sintering 4). Heat treatment 5). Swaging 6). Machining

Repeated heat treatment and swaging is performed need at least several times. In this way, tungsten alloy swaging rod can be improved at tensile strength as well decrease elongation and impact toughnes.

tungsten medium caliber core tungsten medium caliber core

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