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Tungsten Alloy Rifle Grenade

Tungsten alloy rifle grenade mainly relies on the shock waves generated by the burning of the propellant in the bullet to push the rifle grenade to fly. It is light in weight, small in size and convenient to carry and use. The rifle grenade is a point-side killing weapon used by infantry at close range, which is mainly used for killing effective targets and destroying field fortifications such as various light armored targets and permanent fire points.

Compared with lead warhead, tungsten alloy rifle grenade is less toxic and has no environmental pollution. It has high density, good toughness, excellent accuracy, damage and penetration, which can meet or even exceed the requirements of ammunition performance. As a result, the use of rifle grenade greatly improves the infantry's ability to deal with points, surface targets and anti-armour in modern battlefields.

For a long time, countries produced bullet materials are mainly brass, a small number of lead and steel, because the brass plasticity. In the early years, it was a brass bullet against human beings, helpless in the face of a heavy armored tank. In order to penetrate steel armour, many people's approach is to increase the firepower of guns, so that the bullet has a very high rate of fire, good penetration of steel armour, but the Polish gun designer's approach is not the same, they think, to wear steel armour, first from the bullets, so the industry's common tungsten alloy technology applied to bullets. Tungsten alloys have higher density, hardness than steel and the material is also environmental.

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