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Tungsten Alloy Controlled Fragment

Tungsten alloy controlled fragment is formed by cutting the shell groove, cutting the explosive groove or adding the inner lining, which can weaken the local strength of the shell and control the rupture part during the explosion. It is characterized by uniform size and regular shape of tungsten alloy fragment.

Tungsten alloy controlled fragment has the advantages of high density, high storage speed and strong armour-piercing ability. After the explosion of the warhead, the initial velocity of tungsten alloy fragment is a combination of the flight speed of the warhead and the fragmentation speed of the explosion drive. Therefore, the fragmentation speed mainly depends on the fragmentation speed of the explosion drive. The initial rate of fragmentation directly determines the target speed and results in different degrees of lethality.

Prefabricated fragments forming a pre-processing will be the shape and quality of pre-designed steel ball, steel arrows, tungsten ball, tungsten and other prefabricated column fragments produced prefabricated sets of body fragments, and installed in the grenade projectile outer surface or inner surface. These prefabricated projectile fragmentation grenade explosion with the formation of fragments together constitute the natural fragmentation field, due to resistance of prefabricated fragments flying characteristic consistency, with prefabricated fragments of the grenade will be set within the framework of the lethal effect of a relatively dense, full-bombs a greater degree of lethality increase.

Tungsten Alloy Controlled Fragment Images

tungsten alloy controlled fragment image  tungsten alloy controlled fragment image  tungsten alloy controlled fragment image 

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