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Tungsten Alloy Green Bullet

Numerous countries have used tungsten and various tungsten alloy green bullet for a number of years because of its high density and resulting penetrating power for armor piercing rounds.

Are there tungsten alloys in the Army's "green bullet"? The tungsten alloy green bullet is a common term for the lead-free, small arms ammunition developed by the Army in an effort to provide soldiers with ammunition that is environmentally friendly. Military Tungsten alloy are used in the "green" or lead-free bullet. Tungsten alloy green bullet typically contains tungsten that is mixed together with either nylon or tin. Tungsten alloys, on the other hand, contain other metals, such as nickel, cobalt, iron, or copper, which are heated to high temperature that allows the materials to bond together. While the tungsten alloy green bullets have been used in training operations at a limited number of Army installations, it has not been used on the battlefield.

More than 90 million rounds of the tungsten alloy green bullet have been used in the United States, since its introduction. It relies on a blend of tungsten and nylon, or tungsten and tin. That gives the bullets the same density and firing properties as the original, but without using lead. Tungsten was considered non-toxic. Tungsten alloys are dense heavy metal composite materials used primarily in military applications.

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