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Tungsten Alloy Blast Projectile

Tungsten alloy blast projectile, equipped on the large-calibre artillery, is mainly used to destroy fortifications and obstacles, open pathways in the mine field, and destroy fixed targets such as the missile launch site, airport and fire point.

Tungsten alloy blast projectile generally consists of projectiles and propellant charge. The projectile includes projectile body, explosive charge, fuse. The charge coefficient of explosive is greater than that of blast and blast. In order to load more explosives, the thickness of the projectile body is as thin as possible under the condition of ensuring the intensity of firing. The damage effect of the blasting projectile is accomplished by the penetrating effect of the projectile on the target and the blasting effect. The power of tungsten-alloy blast bomb can be increased by increasing the loading coefficient of explosive and using dynamite with high energy.

Due to high melting point, perfect wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, heat resistant & good thermal stability, impact resistance and crack resistance are excellent and non-toxic environmental protection, tungsten heavy alloy materials are increasingly adopted as the raw material for military defense, and work as tungsten alloy military fitting, such as bullet, armor and shells, shrapnel head, grenade, bulletproof vehicles, tanks panzers, cannons, firearms, etc.

Tungsten Alloy Blast Projectile Images

tungsten alloy blast projectile image  tungsten alloy blast projectile image  tungsten alloy blast projectile image 

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