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Tungsten Alloy Tube for Engine

Tungsten alloy tube is a kind of metal material with high temperature resistance, high density, high strength, low expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance and good mechanical processing. Considering these excellent properties, the material has been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, military equipment, electronics, and chemicals, such as lining and ignition tube components in rocket engines.

The engine used in the rocket propeller is a jet engine that uses a compression high-performance fuel. The temperature generated by the rocket can reach thousands of degrees. The tungsten alloy tube is a high-temperature resistant metal material, so it is used in the lining area and the ignition tube parts in the rocket engine. The depth of the ignition tube is in the combustion chamber of the engine, and huge heat is generated instantaneously after ignition. At this time, the ignition tube is subjected to thousands of temperatures, which requires high temperature resistance of the material.

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