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Tungsten Ammunition Core

What is Tungsten Ammunition Core?

Tungsten mixed with other metal powders such as nickel, copper, iron, etc. is a kind of suitable material for ammunition as its excellent properties such as high density, good ultimate tensile strength, wonderful machinability and environment-friendly. Ammunition such as semi-automatic ammunition and revolver ammunition could be used with tungsten material to improve its military properties, especially its high density, for semi-automatic ammunition, tungsten material could make it either rimless or semi-rimmed to facilitate feeding through the magazine. For revolver ammunition, though some revolvers can use rimless or semi-rimmed centerfire cartridges, generally rimmed. That is the so called tungsten ammunition core.

Why is Tungsten Ammunition Core But Not Lead Core?

Compared with lead core, depleted uranium, tungsten ammunition core do not adversely affect groundwater. Soil containing lead stunted the growth of rye grass, but the plant was unaffected by soil containing tungsten. Scientists also exposed earthworms to soil containing the two metals. Studies stated that there was no abnormal growth while using tungsten ammunition core, the reproductive patterns were the same. But in the lead-contaminated soil, the plants got smaller, and didn't have any offspring and died out. Therefore, that’s the most important factor to replace lead cores by tungsten ammunition core. The Army wants ammunition that is less likely to cause environmental damage, an alternative to lead-core ammunition of tungsten ammunition core can’t pollute ground water and solve their cleanup headaches. Environment protection becomes more and more urgent and important to human beings.

Besides, lead-free ammunition cores are designed for explosive performance; great accuracy and total disruption make it ideal varmint rounds, with a tungsten-based ammunition core and a poly-tip to provide devastating performance at both short and extended distances. Those properties and military performance are superior to lead cores.

Tungsten Ammunition Core Applications

As the above advantages, tungsten ammunition cores are mainly adopted for the following applications:

Small caliber ammunition
Medium caliber ammunition
Lager caliber ammunition
Amor piercing ammunition
Semi-automatic ammunition
Revolver ammunition
Bullets for rifle/hunting gun
Cannon bullets

tungsten ammunition core tungsten ammunition core tungsten ammunition core

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