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Tungsten Alloy Submarine Counterweight

Tungsten alloy submarine counterweight can decrease the size of counterweight with its high density so that it can contribute to the distribution of weight and improve sensitivity of control mechanism. When a heavy article needs to be put into a small space, tungsten alloy is the best ideal materials. Submarine counterweight replaces those products which are toxic and hazardous for its non-toxicity and environmental protection. Compared with steel, tungsten has higher hardness and density. Tungsten alloy lead products of the same kind by 30%. Otherwise, compared with lead, the weight of Tungsten alloy submarine counterweight which has the same volume is heavier than lead by twice. Tungsten alloy is hard and it has stable chemical property. Its shape and structure can be maintained for a long time.

Submarine counterweight needs to reach to a definite magnitude so that submarine can realize immersion. Submarine cannot submerge when the weight which combines with submarine and the water in its sump is lighter than the displacement of submarine. So counterweight needs to be installed at the bottom of submarine. Tungsten alloy submarine counterweight is used to increase the weight of submarine.

Tungsten alloy submarine counterweight can be made on the basis of displacement of submarine. The counterweight usually cannot be dismantled when it has been installed. Sometime, submarine may dive at different depth. Tungsten alloy submarine counterweight can be added by its self in terms of depth. What's more, Tungsten alloy submarine counterweight can be made in line with the request for submarine.

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