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Military Tungsten Alloy Ball

Military tungsten alloy ball has small size, high density, which can penetrate armor to destroy targets. It is used for missiles, armour piercing warheads, tungsten alloy bullet cores, kinetic energy penetrators, prefabricated fragments, etc. Due to its high hardness and high temperature resistance, tungsten alloy is an ideal material in the field of national defense.

The advantage of military tungsten alloy ball is high density and high hardness. High density ensures no loss of kinetic energy while maintaining flight distance. High hardness ensures that the bullet retains its shape when the underfire is detonated. Military tungsten alloy ball is non - toxic and environmentally friendly, which often replaces shot put. Lead bullet has been banned in many countries and regions due to environmental pollution.

Tungsten alloy products are usually consisted of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, some tungsten alloy is added Co, Mo, Cr, etc., The most important property for tungsten alloys is that small volume with high density, which means it could be used in some fields concerning with precision instrument, such as mobile phone vibrator, clock cube, self-winding watches, anti-vibration toll holders, flywheel weights, etc. In addition to aerospace applications, tungsten alloy products are also widely used in nuclear high temperature furnaces, glass, ceramics, crystal production, medical, lighting and vacuum sputtering.

Military Tungsten Alloy Ball Images

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