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Tungsten Alloy Armor Piercing

Tungsten alloy armor piercing relies on the kinetic energy of tungsten alloy cartridge to penetrate the armor to destroy the target, with the characteristics of high initial speed, large direct range and high shooting accuracy. It has become the main ammunition of tank guns and anti-tank guns, which is equipped on the naval, coastal, anti-aircraft and aircraft guns.

The armor piercing can be used to destroy armored targets such as tanks, self-propelled artillery, armored vehicles and ships, as well as non-armored metal structure technical weapons such as aircraft, helicopters, vehicles, rocket launchers, missile launch transport/launcher, command vehicles, communication vehicles and radar. In addition, it can also be used to destroy strong fortifications.

Made of heavy tungsten alloy materials, tungsten alloy armor piercing has high density, excellent thermal stability and large profile density, which is of benefit to control missile flying at high altitude. Due to its high hardness and high temperature resistance, the use of military parts made of tungsten alloy materials has been steadily increasing since the 1940s.

Tungsten Alloy Armor Piercing Images

tungsten alloy armor piercing image  tungsten alloy armor piercing image  tungsten alloy armor piercing image 

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