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Tungsten Alloy Penetrator Bullet

Tungsten alloy penetrator bullet has high penetration ability, thanks to the high density tungsten alloy, which makes the projectile at high speed flying and has high energy. This energy is beneficial to projectile penetration of the target plate, which requires that the tungsten alloy projectile in the process of penetration should try to reduce unnecessary quality loss, otherwise it will reduce the penetration ability of the projectile.

Tungsten alloy penetrator bullet is required to have high density, high strength, high ductility and high impact toughness. Due to its high density, high strength, good toughness and other excellent properties, tungsten alloy material has become the first choice for many kinds of kinetic energy armour-piercing bullets such as tungsten alloy hollow projectiles.

The development of penetrator bullet is very important for armor-piercing projectiles. The high density, high hardness and good toughness are the necessary conditions for the bullet material. Considering the chemical toxicity of heavy metals in depleted uranium alloys and the harm of radioactivity to people and the pollution of the environment, the focus of attention is how to improve the armor-piercing power of tungsten alloy bombs, especially how to improve their adiabatic shearing capacity. Therefore, the development of new tungsten alloy composite materials, the use of adiabatic shear deformation characteristics to improve the penetration of the core, replace the depleted uranium alloy and develop new materials that are the same as or even exceed the depleted uranium alloy, is the main development trend of the current armor-piercing core technology. The use of tungsten alloy materials is now a major step.

Tungsten Alloy Penetrator Bullet Images

tungsten alloy penetrator bullet image  tungsten alloy penetrator bullet image  tungsten alloy penetrator bullet image 

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