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Tungsten Alloy Grenade Warhead

Tungsten alloys which contain elements such as nickel, copper and iron, produce a host of alloys which have engineering properties similar to steel, are relatively easy to machine, and can be plated or painted to enhance their corrosion protection. These alloys are approximately 50% denser than lead resulting in a higher concentration of mass in a limited area.

Tungsten alloy grenade warhead has high density, small volume, high hardness, excellent impact toughness and ductility. In addition, it can reduce unnecessary quality loss and greatly improve the penetrating ability of projectile body. Due to such excellent performance, tungsten alloy grenade is widely used in the military field as a grenade.

Regarded as a kind of small hand ammunition, grenade can attack and defend. It is used widely in large quantity to kill targets and destroy tanks. Because of its small size and small mass, it is easy to carry and use, which has played an important role in all wars.

Tungsten Alloy Grenade Warhead Images

tungsten alloy grenade warhead image  tungsten alloy grenade warhead image  tungsten alloy grenade warhead image 

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