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Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod Processing

Brief Introduction of Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod

Tungsten alloy swaging rod is made of tungsten alloy rod through calcinations. The normal method used in the processing are extruding, forging and sintering. After calcinations, tungsten alloy swaging rod has higher ductility, toughness and tensile strength than tungsten alloy rod, so it can be used for a longer time. Tungsten alloy swaging rod is widely used in industry as well as military areas, such as rifle bullet, armor piercing, snipe rifle penetrator, etc.
Advantages of tungsten alloy swaging rod: low cost, easy operation, convenient processing adjustment and control, harder, more durable, excellent hardness (40HRC, tungsten alloy rod between 26HRC and 30HRC), high ultimate tensile strength (1200MPa~1400MPa), etc.

Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod Processing:

Firstly, mix tungsten powder together with other elements, such as Ni, Fe, Cu, etc. Put them into a specially designed mold which is in heating furnace. Heat up to a certain temperature and through a certain time, we can get tungsten alloy rod.

Secondly, transfer the rod to a temporary support which supports the tungsten alloy rod is heated three quarters of an hour at about I600°C. In an electrically heated tube furnace, tungsten alloy rod is protected from oxidation at this temperature by hydrogen gas. Tungsten alloy rods are heated to about 1600°C. Then with an atmosphere of hydrogen gas in an electric furnace, tungsten alloy is rapidly passed through the swaging machine. In this operation the diameter of the rod is reduced 10 percent. Tungsten alloy rods are then re-heated in the furnace and are ready for the next pair of swaging dies which will again reduce its diameter by 10 percent.

Thirdly, machining. Tungsten alloy is so hard that it cannot be machined by sharp edge tools, but it can be brought into desire shapes by high temperature hammering or cold grinding.

Tungsten Alloy Military Rod Pictures:

tungsten alloy rod tungsten alloy military rod tungsten alloy swaging rod
Tungsten Alloy Rod-01
TungstenAlloy Military Rod
Tungsten Alloy Rod-02

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