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Tungsten Alloy Fragment

Tungsten alloy fragment can be used for military purposes. It mainly forms a large number of high-speed fragments under the action of high-energy explosive, which damages the target by high-speed collision, ignition and detonation. The fragment can be used to kill living forces (humans, livestock), unarmored or lightly armored vehicles, aircraft, radar, and missile weaponry.

Tungsten alloy fragment is divided into three types: natural, controlled and prefabricated. It forms a three-dimensional killing zone in space. The shape and size of the kill zone is determined by the fragmentation's dispersion characteristics. The main parameters of spalling dispersion characteristics include spalling dispersion angle and direction angle, as well as the distribution variance of spalling number distribution density along the direction angle.

Whether the fragment can effectively kill the target is closely related to the speed, shape and quality when the fragment hits the target. Heavy tungsten alloys are the best materials to meet the requirements. Chinatungsten Online is engaged in the production and sales of tungsten products for more than 20 years, which can provide high quality products according to customer's requirement.

Tungsten Alloy Fragment Images

tungsten alloy fragment image  tungsten alloy fragment image  tungsten alloy fragment image 

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