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Tungsten Alloy Armor Plating

Tungsten alloy armor plating that protects the lower part of a door from kicks and scratches, covering the door to a height usually 39 inches (l meter) or more. Armor plate which was made by tungsten alloy, used as a sheathing for warships, tanks, and so forth to resist penetration and deformation from heavy gunfire.

Rifle and pistol rounds are usually built around a penetrator of hardened steel or tungsten. Aircraft and tank rounds sometimes use a core of depleted uranium. The penetrator is a pointed mass of high-density material that is designed to retain its shape and carry the maximum possible amount of energy as deeply as possible into the target. Depleted-uranium penetrators have the advantage of being pyrophoric and self-sharpening on impact, resulting in intense heat and energy focused on a minimal area of the target's armor. Some rounds also use explosive or incendiary tips to aid in the penetration of thicker armor. High Explosive Incendiary/Armor Piercing Ammunition combines a tungsten alloy penetrator with an incendiary and explosive tip.

When a weapon hits the armor plate and the weapon is powerful enough to break through, the block breaks apart. But the weapon looses its damage so the blocks behind may survive.

Tungsten alloy armor plating has a similar effect and through it is relatively light in comparison to the primary armor-plating of a vehicle, still has a detrimental effect on mobility and load-capacity. Being 50% lighter than aluminum cage armor and 85% lighter than steel cage options, tungsten alloy armor plating reduces the chance of overloading the vehicle and means that more equipment can be carried and further precautions taken to ensure the safety of the passengers.

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