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Tungsten Alloy Anti-material Rifle Bullet

Tungsten alloy is a kind of composite materials that tungsten whose quality fraction is 80%~98% distributes to Ni-Fe-W sosoloid. As it is wished, tungsten alloy combines with the high density, high strength of tungsten and good ductility of matrix. So it has a series of properties of physics, chemistry and mechanics. Tungsten alloy has wide usage in military industry with its good properties. One of applications is tungsten alloy anti-material rifle bullet.

Anti-material rifle continues the thinking of anti-tank rifle which was used in twice World War. It can launch large caliber machine gun bullet. Cooperating with anti-material rifle bullet, it can penetrate light tank which has thin armor, and kill personnel in the tank. It can also kill sniper hiding behind blindage. It is mainly used for dealing with vehicles, oil depot, radar, telescopic surveillance mirror, copper flying at low altitude and jet landing on the ground. Just as anti-tank rifle, anti-material rifle focuses on penetration and it is dominated by high power bullets such as tungsten alloy anti-material rifle bullet. It can be used by infantry, highly improving combat capability of infantry platoon. For example, utilizing anti-material rifle bullet, M82A1 anti-material rifle makes up fire continuity and power of M24 sniper rifle in Afghanistan War. It is said that a Taliban official was killed by M82A1 from the distance of 1760 yards (1600m) on his way to vehicle. Otherwise, the U.S. Coast Guard also uses M82A1 in drug enforcement, efficiently striking high-speed skiffs which carrying drug near the coat.

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