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Tungsten Alloy Warhead

Tungsten alloy is kind of alloys which has thermostability. The high initial velocity of bomb relies on high temperature and high pressure inside bomb. So tungsten alloy warhead need to endure high temperature and pressure inside bomb. For its thermostability, tungsten alloy was once used as tungsten wire. Tungsten alloy is also a kind of metal materials which has high density, resistance to compression and corrosion. Tungsten alloy do not react with strong acid and alkali under the normal temperature and pressure. The density of tungsten alloy can reach greatly. The equalizer of armor piercing discarding sabot is made by tungsten alloy. Tungsten alloy is a kind of environmental protection metal materials. People are always appealing to environmental protection. In the past, the bullets were made by lead, so it caused pollution to local environmental after using. To avoid the pollution to environment, environmental protection material should be used as far as possible. So tungsten alloy is well known for its advantage of environmental protection. Tungsten alloy can be used as tungsten alloy warhead.

Tungsten alloy warhead is a kind of warheads which are adopted by air-to-air or air-to-ground guided weapons. Actually, those warheads are finished components of aerial bomb. They can be directly put into the missile without modifying structure.

Tungsten alloy warhead is produced, stored and transported by the bundle of diameter. Tungsten alloy warhead can be directly put into bomb without processing. So it lowers the cost of producing, utilizing and maintaining and reduces the set-up time for fighting. Tungsten alloy warhead contains dynamite warhead whose weight includes 500pound, 1000pound and 2000pound and penetrating warhead.

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