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The Nylon Sabot Structures APFSDS

What is Nylon Sabot?

A sabot is a device used in a firearm or cannon to fire a projectile, such as a bullet, that is smaller than the bore diameter, or which must be held in a precise position.

Most modern sabots, are injection molded from heat resistant nylon. These nylon compounds will resist temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and are formed in one piece, with a recess for the base of the bullet and four to six fluted fingers at the front.

They are little nylon looking jackets that are .308 caliber in outside diameter and hold a .22 caliber bullet in the "fingers". When crimped in a .30 caliber case, like a 30-06, 30/30 or a .308 it holds the bullet in tightly. The illustration (next to a standard .30 cal bullet) is a Hornady .224 VMAX, 55 grain bullet and the .22/.308 sabot. The sabot weighs 6 grains. Now we have a total bullet weight of 61 grains, but the slick side of the sabot will offer very little resistance in the rifling of the gun barrel.

The Nylon Sabot Structures APFSDS

Nylon sabot which is used on 30 mm armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot projectile and fit to the rifled gun. The content includes the configuration of nylon sabot clearance mesh and how to ensure to the technics of pour-mold and so on. The dissertation grope for the projectile which has used stuff structure technics above by ANSYS analyse of split second force and experimentation on gunnery.Then we will know how about the projectile move inside and outside the bore. All of this work is to find a way that how we can to use the nylon on the project. By investigate we find that nylon sabot which uses the clearance mesh system is work better. because of the force is little than before. And the force onto root of tooth are average. But there is a problem coming with aggrandizement of clearance between sabot and projectile, the max-force is changed. The space longer the force bigger. So the parameter of pour mold influences intensity of nylon sabot. Now we can improve to fit demand by improve the pour mold and so on. Because of the new stuff applied, the weight of projectile is less, the velocity is upto 1350m/s even more. ;

nylon sabot structures APFSDS nylon sabot structures APFSDS

Tungsten Alloy Rod for The Nylon Sabot Structures APFSDS

Tungsten alloy swaging rod could be used widely on military defense. Such as the nylon sabot structures APFSDS, bullets, armor piercing projectile, rifle bullet, sniper rifle penetrator and more.

Normal tungsten alloy rod after swaging, UTS and Hardness will be increased greatly
The UTS of general rod is 920MPa, 25HRC, but after swaging, the UTS could be 1,200MPa, 35HRC, even reach to 1,400MPa, 40HRC
Except high UTS and hardness, it also show many good properties at other aspect such as:
High density
High ductility
High temperature resistance
High melting point

tungsten swaging rod tungsten swaging rod

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