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Military Tungsten Alloy Products

Nowadays, tungsten alloy is increasingly adopted as the raw material for military defense and works as tungsten alloy military fitting , such as bullet, armor and shells shrapnel head, grenade, bulletproof vehicles, tanks panzers, cannons, firearms, etc. major tungsten alloy military fitting is in kinetic energy penetrators, where military defenses are in direct competition with depleted uranium (DU). Recent investigation conducted at the Army Research Laboratory show that DU's superior properties resulted from its ability to localize shear during ballistic penetration events. Therefore, military defense was argued that if localized shear can be imparted to tungsten alloy, these material would exhibit penetration performance matching that of depleted uranium

Military tungsten alloy products have high density, high hardness, good plasticity, elongation of more than 20%, impact toughness of up to about 1.5mj /m2. They also have good corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance, no obvious oxidation under 500 ℃. These products can still keep good strength and hardness at 800 ℃ or higher temperature.

The most important point is that military tungsten alloy products are non-toxic and pollution-free, which will not harm the environment. Military products have a series of excellent characteristics, which have been widely used in the military industries such as aviation, aerospace, weapon and firming.

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