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Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Shock Absorber

Tungsten alloy aircraft shock absorber is a necessary component of all modern landing gear and the most important component. It improves the environmental conditions of the airborne equipment, and enhances the reliability, safety and service life of the equipment.

The tungsten alloy aircraft shock absorber can improve the vibration and noise environment of cockpit by vibration-reducing installation of the engine. It is widely used in the vibration isolation installation of electronic equipment such as aerospace, shipborne and on-board. The main function of the aircraft vibration damper is to absorb the impact energy during landing and taxiing, so that the load on the body can be reduced to an acceptable level. At the same time, the vibration must be rapidly attenuated.

Tungsten metal can be combined with other metals to increase their strength and resistance to wear and corrosion. Steel alloys often contain tungsten for these beneficial properties. Many high-speed steels -- those used in cutting and machining tools like saw blades -- contain around 18 percent tungsten. Tungsten-steel alloys are also used in the production of rocket engine nozzles, which must have high heat resistant properties. Other tungsten alloys include stellite (cobalt, chromium, and tungsten), which is used in bearing and pistons due to its durability and resistance to wear, and Hevimet, which is made by sintering a tungsten alloy powder and is used in ammunition, dart barrels, and golf clubs. Superalloys made of cobalt, iron or nickel, along with tungsten, can be used to produce turbine blades for aircraft.

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