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Tungsten Alloy Balance for Aircraft

Tungsten heavy alloy is superior to lead in terms of durability, dimensional stability, density and low toxicity, does not suffer from the radioactivity or high chemical reactivity of depleted uranium and also has good abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance. Theses excellent characteristics ensure the aircraft has good stability, balance and maneuverability. As a result, tungsten heavy alloy has been the preferred material in the aerospace industry for many years as counterbalance weight for ailerons, rudders, and elevator parts for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Tungsten alloy balance for aircraft is typically machined to precise tolerances and is provided with a protective coating to the customer specification.

In addition to generating enough lift to balance gravity, having enough thrust to overcome resistance, and having good flight performance, an aircraft must have good stability and maneuverability to fly in the air. Otherwise, the balance, stability, and handling characteristics of the aircraft are not good, it will require a lot of effort on the part of the pilot to correct them. Therefore, for an aircraft with good performance, it is not only required to have high speed, fast climbing, height limit and long distance, but also its balance stability is also important.

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