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Tungsten Alloy Natural Fragment

Tungsten alloy natural fragment is mainly located below the detonation device. When detonated, the shell cracked and flew out. The size of the natural fragment is uneven and the shape is irregular, thus causing intensive killing effect to people in a certain local area. Usually, tungsten alloy natural fragment is made of tungsten alloy ball or tungsten alloy rod.

As the common type of prefabricated fragments, tungsten alloy ball or tungsten alloy rod has become one of the main killing elements of air defense, radiation protection and surface killing due to its high density and strong armour-piercing ability.

Chinatungsten Online has been produced tungsten products for over 20 years. Leveraging our leading tungsten capabilities, we can offer a range of tungsten alloy balls and rods in varying tungsten content and dimensions. As with all of our materials, our products begin as metal powder, is pressed into ingots, sintered, and then rolled. The process enables us to tailor the product to meet specific customer material and/or performance requirements to ensure optimal performance in your application.

Tungsten Alloy Natural Fragment Images

tungsten alloy natural fragment image  tungsten alloy natural fragment image  tungsten alloy natural fragment image 

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