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Tungsten Fin Stabilized Core

What is Tungsten Fin Stabilized Core?

Multinational missions in war zones and trouble spots are placing new requirements on armies, navies and air forces. Tungsten fin stabilized core offers with its high properties such as hardness, ultimate tensile strength playing an important role on automatic cannons, weapon systems and ammunition which cover the full range of present and future threat scenarios and can be deployed from land, sea or air. Therefore, tungsten penetrator is good choice with fin stabilized and penetrates the target solely by kinetic energy.

Tungsten Fin Stabilized Core Advantages

This round is a fixed type, percussion primed round consisting of a sabot encapsulated projectile body crimped to a steel cartridge case. The projectile bode consists of a tungsten penetrator, pressed on Al windscreen, screw on fins with pressed in tracer pellets, segmented discarding type nylon sabot, and pressed on polythylene nose cap. Therefore, high properties are required for tungsten fin stabilized core as follows:

High hardness 40HRC min. (Regular tungsten material only about 28HRC)
Excellent ultimate tensile strength 1050MPa min. (Regular tungsten material only about 900Mpa)
Non-toxic to the environment (superior to depleted uranium core)
Superior machinability

Main Manufacture Process of Tungsten Medium Caliber Core

Tungsten fin stabilized core is manufactured by powder metallurgy technique, mainly manufacture processed are mixing, de-waxing, pressing, sintering, machining, if there is a higher property needed, such as hardness, ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, etc. machining of swaging, heat treatment could improved those. Also customized makes tungsten fin stabilized core much more competitive, as it has a good machinaility, and could be shape into different size of core required.

 tungsten fin stabilized core  tungsten fin stabilized core  tungsten fin stabilized core

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