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Tungsten Core Penetrator

Tungsten core penetrator has the advantages of high speed, low trajectory extension, short flight time, high hitting accuracy, high kinetic energy and high armour piercing power. It can be used to attack tanks, self-propelled guns, armored vehicles, ships, aircraft and other armored targets. The core penetrator can also be used to destroy strong fortifications.

Depleted uranium bomb is inherently toxic and radioactive, which has poor oxidation resistance and limited storage time. Compared with depleted uranium munitions, tungsten core penetrator is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Because the planned battle area of Chinese tanks is local and nearby, tungsten core penetrator is mainly used.

Tungsten rods are stock tungsten shapes or forms that are usually machined or ground into parts and products. They may have differing profiles, including round, oval, square and hexagonal. Since tungsten and its alloys have a very high melting point, the metal is very hard to fabricate into different shapes, which limits the design complexity. The rods either come in pre-determined profiles and dimensions or are custom cut to meet a specific design. Tungsten core penetrator is made by cutting tungsten rod into a custom shape and then with finely grinding.

Tungsten Core Penetrator Images

tungsten core penetrator image  tungsten core penetrator image  tungsten core penetrator image 

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