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Tungsten Alloy for Armor Piercing

Tungsten alloy is a kind of tungsten based alloy (tungsten quality fraction is usually 80% ~ 97%) which add Ni, F, Mn, Co, Cu, Mo, Cr or other metal elements its density is high as 16.5 ~ 19.0 g / cm3. Tungsten alloy not only has high density , it has a series of excellent properties, such as high strength, high hardness, good ductility, mechanical processing performance, small coefficient of thermal expansion , big coefficient of heat conductivity, resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, good weldability. Tungsten alloy has a wide range of applications in the advanced science and technology, military and civilian industry with its good properties.

One of tungsten alloy main application is tungsten alloy armor piercing. Tungsten alloy armor piercing has good performance of penetration. It also has the advantage of non-toxicity and non-radiation pollution, compared with depleted uranium (DU). Tungsten alloy is raw material for armor piercing around the world.

Tungsten alloy armor piercing utilizes tungsten based alloy which tungsten quality fraction is 90%~95%. It also adds Ni, Fe or other alloy ingredient. Tungsten content of few alloys is high as 98% or lower than 90%. This kind of tungsten based alloy which has high tungsten content has high density, highly improving penetration. It also has good resistance to compression and deformation, and means diameter can be decreased. With de decreasing of diameter, same force can be imposed on smaller area, highly improving the force on unit area and penetration of armor piercing.

At present, the usage of tungsten armor piercing in the world flows: In Israel, 0.87kg tungsten alloy is used for 60 projectile. 105mm rifle cannon uses tungsten alloy which has been processed by cold forging. In France, 60 mortar and 80 mortar are using tungsten alloy. 2.33kg tungsten alloy is used for 90mm rifle cannon and 3.78kg tungsten alloy is utilized for 105mm smoothbore gun. 120 smoothbore gun is adopting tungsten alloy which has the density of 18g/cm3.

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