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Tungsten Alloy Ignitron

Tungsten alloy ignitron is used for engine ignition components. It is usually installed at the nozzle of the flamethrower as the ignitron can withstand high temperature. In addition, the product has high density, generally above 18.2g/cm3; its thermal expansion coefficient is 4.98 x10-6 at 1600 ℃; and it is harmless to the environment.

The maximum internal temperature of gasoline engine reaches 2800K, which requires high temperature resistance of ignition tube material. Tungsten alloy is a good material for high temperature resistance. Even at this temperature, it still has good metal properties. Because of the high temperature resistance of tungsten alloy, it is widely used as a high temperature resistant material such as ignition tube.

There are many kinds of tungsten heavy alloy products, different manufacture techniques could have various shapes, such as tungsten heavy alloy rod, cylinder, bar, block, brick, plate, tip, strip, sheet, ultra thin sheet, sphere, pellet, ball, disc, ring, tube, etc. They could be used in different fields depend on their special properties, such as small capacity but high density, high yield strength, good hardness, excellent elongation, etc. Due to decreasing demand of depleted uranium, tungsten alloy is also widely used as a substitution in some parts of military products nowadays.

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