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Tungsten Alloy Cylindrical Fragment

As a type of prefabricated fragments, tungsten alloy cylindrical fragment has become one of the main killing elements of anti-air, anti-radiation and surface killing due to its high density and strong armour-piercing ability. It is effective for killing personnel, unarmed or lightly armored targets such as aircraft, radar, missiles and other weapons, which has been widely used in the military field.

Tungsten alloy cylindrical fragment is made into prefabricated fragment sleeve by tungsten alloy cylinder of predesigned shape and quality, and installed on the external or internal surface of the grenade body. When the grenade body explodes, it will form a huge shock wave, and tungsten alloy cylinder sleeve will break into a large number of fragments, which will destroy, ignite and detonate the damaged target depending on the kinetic energy of the fragments.

One prior approach to inducing tungsten alloy fragmentation control to an integral warhead and missile structure has been to include grooves on either the external or internal wall surfaces of the structure to delineate fragments or projectiles in a combined warhead and missile structure. Explosives are installed in proximity to the grooves. When the explosives are detonated, the grooves create stress concentrations that cause the structure to fracture along the grooves, forming tungsten fragments.

Still another approach is the dual-wall naturally fragmenting (and combination natural fragmenting and scored wall) warhead. While these types of warheads have provided somewhat of an improvement over single-wall naturally fragmenting warheads, current dual-wall designs generally require thermal conditioning manufacturing methods to mate walls together with tight circumferential tolerances.

Tungsten Alloy Cylindrical Fragment Images

tungsten alloy cylindrical fragment image  tungsten alloy cylindrical fragment image  tungsten alloy cylindrical fragment image 

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