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Tungsten Bead Fragment

Tungsten bead fragment is composed of high performance explosive and tungsten bead shell. Explosive explosion produces detonation wave and a large number of detonation gases under high temperature and high pressure, then impact on the tungsten pearl shell and cause huge deformation until it breaks.

After crushing, tungsten pearl shell will form fragments with divergent distribution. The detonation product formed by explosive explosion will escape, and the fragments formed by the metal shell will be immediately surrounded. The fragment is accelerated by detonation waves and high temperature and pressure gases until the gas expands at a rate lower than that of the fragment. Because the detonation wave attenuates is faster than the fragment velocity attenuation, after a short time, the fragment will fly out of the detonation product surrounding. Therefore, the impact distance of broken pieces is larger than that of shock wave.

Tungsten bead shell consists of tungsten alloy balls that are typically used for fragments in various ammunition products. The high density and compactibility make them ideal to create maximum damage within a given packed volume. A ball has a ground surface with tight tolerances, and may or may not be polished. Chinatungsten Online is a professional manufacturer of tungsten alloys with over 20 years of experience. We can provide different specifications of high quality tungsten alloy balls according to your requirements.

Tungsten Bead Fragment Images

tungsten bead fragment image  tungsten bead fragment image  tungsten bead fragment image 

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