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Tungsten Alloy Military Armor Piercing

Military armor piercing is a type of ammunition designed to penetrate armor. Except for anti-tank missions of armor-piercing weapons, it also can be used to cope with other firm target, or used in bombs to attack defending armor of warship. The armor piercing is usually made with heavy tungsten alloy materials. During the World War Ⅱ, tungsten has already been used as an important raw material f or military defense. There were abundant wolfram ore reserves found then in Portugal, which were used to produce tungsten concentrates for military defense.

Tungsten alloy military armor piercing possess characteristics of compression resistance and non-tensile, when it penetrate armor, nearly no deformation occurred, and form fragment after punching through armor plates, increase killability and combustion effect, besides, filled explosive are more than armor-piercing made by other materials.

The armor piercing is now little used in naval warfare, as modern warships have little or no armor protection, but it remains the preferred round in tank warfare, as it has a greater "first-hit kill" probability than a high explosive anti-tank (heat) round, especially against a target with composite armor, and because of higher muzzle velocity, is also more accurate than a heat round. Armor-piercing cartridges are also available as small arms ammunition, primarily for use as an anti-materiel round.

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