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Tungsten Pillar Fragment

Tungsten pillar fragment has the advantages of high density, high storage speed and strong armour-piercing ability. Due to its consistency of the flight resistance characteristics, the grenade with prefabricated fragments will have a relatively intensive killing effect within the set range, and the killing power of the whole bomb has been improved to a greater extent.

Tungsten pillar fragment is preformed. Tungsten pillar with predesigned shape and quality is made into prefabricated sleeve, which installed on the external or internal surface of the grenade body. Explosive explosion produces detonation wave and a large number of high temperature, high pressure detonation gas, these impact tungsten pillar shell to cause it to undergo huge deformation until it breaks.

Tungsten pillar is created with heavy tungsten alloy material that its high density and compactibility make them ideal to create maximum damage within a given packed volume. A typical quality test for such products is the Crush Test, where the tungsten pillar is compressed to less than 50% of its original size. Most companies’ products would crush under such severe conditions, resulting in cracked products or even powder disintegration. Our products can withstand as much as 70% reduction of their original dimension.

Tungsten Pillar Fragment Images

tungsten pillar fragment image  tungsten pillar fragment image  tungsten pillar fragment image 

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